Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spirits ARE Talkin'

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The quietness of sunlight pressing me down 
into the driveway where I lay,
Under the driveway tree
Hungry hawk sends echo across skyline 
A kind of wind comes... 
Like smoke signals 

Every piece of Earth is talking now
Retelling about The Way
There is no considerable danger in ending
And no considerable ending, and no considerable beginning 
As we've been told so many times before

There is also no hawk, and yet there is hawk
No skyline, yet there is skyline
No sunlight, but sunlight yes
No wind
Yes wind
Listening and no listening

There is also no driveway, and yet there is driveway
Where I am laying, but not laying
Pressed by sun
Turned into smoke
And driveway tree 
A storm coming
But no storm

No coming
No going

and also, and therefore


Spirits are talkin'


  1. One could hold heaven in ones heart...Your words make Silence drip into my ears.

    nb: i love charcoal drawings.

  2. Fantastic drawing, but your poetry always manages to grab my heart and hold on tightest. I think nature (and life, and love) is all about existing in the paradoxes and loving each for what it is. I would imagine that when Spirits talk they talk in many different ways, the better for us to hear all of them.

    Loved this.

  3. it seems they are having spirited conversations! ;)

    Wonderful Charcoal!....Koanic poem!

  4. gawd, you have a way with words. so touching.
    i don't know if it's obnoxious to share with you, but for all that you've inspired me with:


    Great 2011 for you and yours Akka B!!!



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